Report on Usability Issues of

This report aims to identify and document usability issues on the website ""

Title: Report on Usability Issues of

The purpose of this report is to find and catalog usability problems with the website "" 

The audit was done to check the site's functionality and find any tools that might not be functioning properly. 

The conclusions presented in this report are based on a thorough examination completed on the aforementioned date.

Website Overview:
Webmasters and digital marketers may improve their websites for search engines by using the tools and services offered by the website 

The website offers a number of tools, including on-page SEO analysis, backlink analysis, and keyword research.

Usability Findings:

Slow Loading Speed: The sluggish loading speed of is one of the obvious problems. Users may become irritated with this, which will increase bounce rates.

Mobile Responsiveness: The website doesn't seem to be entirely mobile device optimized. Mobile users may not get the best user experience since some items may not appear appropriately on smaller devices.

Tool Accessibility: Some of the SEO tools provided on the website proved difficult for us to access over the course of our evaluation. In particular, the keyword research tool was not operating as planned, and when we tried to utilize it, we got error warnings.

Navigation: Although the main navigation menu is simple and easy to comprehend, it might utilize more detailed labels to further inform customers about the contents of each component.

Lack of Contact Information: We were unable to find any contact information that would be necessary for users with questions or problems, such as a contact form or email address.

Inconsistent Design: An uncoordinated user experience may result from the website's design, which seems inconsistent on different pages.

Limited Help and Support: Users may find it difficult to locate assistance when needed since the website lacks an easily accessible help or support area.


Improve Loading Speed: Reduce loading times by performance-enhancing the webpage. This may be done using a variety of methods, including the establishment of content delivery networks (CDN), server-side optimization, and image optimization.

Enhance Mobile Responsiveness: Make sure the website is completely responsive and works on a range of mobile devices with different screen sizes.

Tool Functionality: To create a smooth user experience, address and fix the problems with the broken SEO tools, notably the keyword research tool.

Clearer Navigation: To make it simpler for visitors to comprehend the material and locate the tools they want, think about updating the labels on the navigation menu.

Contact Information: Create a specific contact page or prominently post your contact details so users may get in touch with you for questions or help.

Consistent Design: To make a website that flows well and is aesthetically appealing, standardize the design components and page layout across all of the pages.

Help and Support: Create a section devoted to assistance or support where visitors may get responses to frequently asked questions or get in touch with customer service as required.